A Few Of Our Favourite Things.

So we all got MacBooks on the first day of school and they came with an STM glove. But everyone said where do I store my cords and how do I carry this thing so I got busy sketching designs for a MacBook bag. In the meantime, The Boss (who must have magicked the money out of thin air to pay for the MacBooks) said that’s not what I ordered at all and 35 STM shoulder bags turned up on Friday. We got to choose which to keep and really, how could I turn down the shoulder bag with all those zippy pockets and a cell phone pouch on the side? But I still think a glove would have been cosy so I set about making my own.

I’ve been collecting pretty woollen fabrics for a while now and I figured that one of these would definitely stand out from the crowd. I used a great tutorial for laptop sleeves from The Cottage Home . The formula for measuring your own device is brilliant, my cover actually does fit like a glove. I quilted the outside woolen fabric to a piece of thin dacron like Amber does in her iPad tutorial at One Shabby Chick, lined it with a piece of hot pink cotton and bought huge pink buttons to sew onto the tabs. They’re just for show – the tabs actually close with velcro.

The other surprisingly good thing is that my new glove fits into the laptop pocket of the STM bag… like a glove. Another one. It’s such a perfect fit that it’s like I’ve lined the laptop pocket with the checked woolen glove. I’m really happy with the whole thing and I’ve got the measurements ready to go should my jealous colleagues at school want a unique laptop glove of their own. I celebrated by making an ear bud pouch to hang off the side of my shoulder bag. Have you seen this tutorial at Dog Under My Desk? Erin won the Pink Chalk Studio tutorial competition with it last year. I was so pleased  – I made a million of them for Christmas presents and I voted for this entry myself.

I know today is tutorial-heavy but I thought you might like to see some of the gems I’ve discovered and used in the past few months. All three are on our Favourite Things list at school.

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