A Project Runway Moment.

I was walking past a classroom last week when I noticed some amazing artworks glowing in the sun. Room 28 are reading The Fat Man by Maurice Gee and there’s a vivid description of a beautiful stained glass window early on in the story. They had used the description as a starting point for their own windows and Scarlett’s was one of my favorites.

I’d just seen an episode of Project Runway where the contestants were inspired by kids’ paintings and I thought “We can do that too!” So we enlarged one panel of Scarlett’s artwork and talked about how we could translate it into something wearable.

She decided on a black tee shirt as a starting point because the black fabric would act as the lead-lighting around the glass. We had a fossick through our stash and found lots of fiery-coloured fabrics including some lovely ones from an old line called Tribute To Vincent.

A lot of time was spent cutting and sticking teeny pieces of fabric to the black shirt to recreate the stained glass effect and then we added some simple creamy petals for the flower. Scarlett finished her wearable work of art by edging the petals in pink pastel and sewing a cluster of buttons in the centre.

I’m not sure who loves it more! It’s currently on display with the rest of the stained glass windows in Room 28 but I’m hoping that I might get a turn to have it on my classroom wall. Such fun to take someone’s idea and see how far you can run with it.

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  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Love it!! Can’t wait to see what else you and your classes get up to 🙂

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