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A Knitter I Am Not.

Although my sewing has been fairly non-existent this year, I haven’t been completely idle. A chill in the air along with the approaching hockey season brings out an urge to knit. Over the summer I fell in love with Jane Brocket’s slouchy hats and the thought of all those cold winter evenings about to be spent at the turf kicks me into action. Out comes the Empress Woo knitting bag and there is a practise with two 20 cent balls of yarn from the Red Cross. After a bit of trial and error with different needles, slouchy hat #2 is declared a success.

Then it’s down to Hands for some lovely squishy silky alpaca yarn and a pair of bamboo needles. Since all my other needles come from op shops, I feel justified in that little extravagance.

The yarn is so delicious I drive back to Hands for another ball and start on my annual pair of hand warmers. I can’t even call them mittens – they’re just a rectangle sewn up the side with a hole left for my thumb. I feel clever when I manage a bit of a pattern on the hand warmers which mimics the slouchy hat.

Hockey trials start tonight and I only have one hand warmer finished. Luckily it’s still warmish here and I have deep pockets. Slouchy hat #3 is also taking its sweet time. A knitter I am not.


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Winter Warmers.

I’ve decided to try something new this winter, to go along with my annual pair of knitted hand warmers. Inspired by Lies, I’m knitting a Honey Cowl and, just to keep life exciting, it uses a circular needle. Which is turning out to be more straightforward than I imagined. The cowl is being toted to various sports practices  and I’m hoping to have it finished by the time a big hockey tournament rolls around next weekend. Eleven inches of knitting or the end of the ball of yarn… whichever comes first.

We knew the winter was going to be busy but were unprepared for just how. Jono in particular is playing football (2 practices and a Saturday game) and hockey ( 2 practices and 2 weekend games) and now, after an extensive trial period, a place in the Canterbury U15 hockey team which adds another practice and several tournaments, the most exciting of which is in Hamilton in July. The Honey Cowl will be well-travelled by the time this winter is over.


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Bombus Ruderatus

“It was drowsily warm with dozens of bees

Lazily buzzing through flowers and trees”

So begins my favourite Lynley Dodd book.  I’ve always thought that bumblebees in the lavender are one of the best things about summer.

I’m taking a break from the knitting of baby washcloths to help Amy with a bit of graffiti knitting. These little bees are surprisingly addictive.  As is the concept of graffiti knitting, which is explained in a great article in the latest World Sweet World .  I wave it militantly at anyone who asks me what I’m doing.

The idea has captured the imagination of the twins who are sitting on the couch opposite me knitting lavender tree scarves with purple wool and massive 9mm needles. The council has just planted new trees down our street, nice and skinny and easy to wrap.  I’m allowed to contribute a bumble bee.

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The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.
   Thomas More

I already knew that but it’s nice that somone saintly agrees with me.

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And now let us welcome the New Year
Full of things that have never been.
   Rainer Maria Rilke
Let’s see what we can make of it.

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