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We are inundated with beautiful pink and red stalks. Not that I’m complaining, I love the stuff. There has been lots of rhubarb syrup making… I quadruple this recipe and store it in pretty cut glass bottles. Henry is a dab hand at the Ruby Jan which is his kids version of SouleMama’s Ruby June. He mixes some syrup and some fresh-squeezed lemon juice with Schweppes sparkling lemonade and pours it over ice. Truly fabulous.

I get the rhubarb pulp leftover after he’s dripped the syrup  mixture through a sieve. ( It’s like jelly making, don’t be tempted to press the pulp in the sieve to try and get more juice out, you’ll just get a solid grey layer at the bottom of the bottle.) I mix it with apple, cover with a crumble topping and bake.  Or add it to raspberry jelly and evapourated milk to make great fruit foam. We eat half  and then freeze the rest for the yummiest rhubarb and raspberry ice cream in town. The recipes are up top.



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My brother’s mother ( yeah, not my mother, he has two – greedy eh?) made him the coolest floor cushions for Christmas out of blankets. After a quick once-over and a few mental calculations, I realised how straightforward they were. So I cut up Henry’s favourite blue blanket and made him two. They fit perfectly into the corner where the Christmas tree was, now officially his reading corner. When the house goes suspiciously quiet, he can be found there with his nose stuck in some Enid Blyton or other.

The red blanket I found yesterday was originally for two more, slightly larger cushions for taller members of the family. But it’s job description has changed dramatically overnight. I blame the bark cloth.

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Peace Bubbles.

How to keep a seven year old happy on a rainy day. Three dollar white shirt from Savemart and the tin of textile pens. He spent a good two hours drawing bubbles.

Bubbles and bubbles of peace.


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