Sifting Through the Dross.

Op shopping has been a bit rubbish lately. Lovely fabrics are thin on the ground and vintage linens practically non-existent. Everywhere I went yesterday, shops were being repaired, had moved somewhere else or simply vanished altogether. It wasn’t fun. I called into Tasman Traders since it was on the way home – they usually have a small selection of slightly overpriced retro fabrics, many of them truly ugly – but you never know. I found this scrunched up piece of fabric which I thought was overpriced at $10…

Until I got it home and ironed it and realised that there was nearly 5 metres of fabric. And it’s not ugly retro, it’s truly beautiful vintage rayon. Delicious blue and purple tulips with gold splashes looking like they’d been crayonned onto the sketchy gray background.

I usually default to a tried and true Kwik Sew pattern for vintage rayon but perhaps I should branch out into this Academy pattern passed on by my MIL who wore it in the 1950s. Looks perfect for cycling don’t you think?


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7 responses to “Sifting Through the Dross.

  1. oh yes perfect for cycling in! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous fabric and it would look lovely in that dress. I am so jealous of your new bicycle.

  3. 5 metres! But you are right, fabrics are getting thin on the ground, in my area too.
    I do have a bag of floral vinyl scraps, I have an idea to make a cycle bag with them, no-one will be able to say they didn’t see me coming!

  4. Actually I was just looking at your bike and you need “coat-protectors” on your back wheel. This stops any flappy fabric getting in your spokes, and causing you too have an accident. Especially if you are going to wear skirts.
    Google “coat protector bicycle”, and smile at all those crazy dutch bikers!

  5. That is very pretty fabric. I agree with the fabric shortage at the op shops at the moment. My last visit was very disappointing.

  6. That will make for a great dress. I look forward to seeing the finished dress, bike and all.

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