My New Love.

After being teased for years about being allergic to exercise, it has actually given me great pleasure to join the ranks of City commuters cycling to work. And this is the reason why:

My Daily 1 Step-Through. In mint green. With a wicker basket. Isn’t she gorgeous! When I’m cruising along in the cycle lanes, sitting up straight with my hands on the wide handle bars, I can hardly wipe the grin off my face. She makes cycling such a joy! No matter that I was actually overtaken yesterday by a boy on a scooter, I was the one having the most fun.

The basket clicks right off and I can take it into my classroom. It holds my lunch bag and my marking perfectly. The first thing I did when I got it home (after riding right across town and through Hagley Park in the dark) was to sew a basket liner. And then another one. And then a fancy one with handles. And finally, this one with a gingham band and a checkered drawstring top which you can whip right out of the basket and take into the shops.

20130808-124622.jpgAnd then there is the fun of cycling fashions. I was a little chastised when I read one of my favorite cycling blogs recently and the author firmly lectured about the point of riding a bike being to save the planet, not to star in photo shoots, and that baskets should be practical additions not fashion accessories. Surely there is room for both.

Pink checked pencil skirt made from a vintage woollen fabric.
Purple jersey from Nurse Maude.
Pink silk scarf and red belt from the Sallies.
Black Overland boots.
Basket liner in linen and pink retro fabrics all my own work.


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7 responses to “My New Love.

  1. Very cool bike! I got a new one last Christmas but it has been decorating the shed mostly since. I wish I had the dedication to bike to work. Perhaps I need a fancy basket and some cool liners to motivate me!

  2. LOVE your new bike, your bike outfit, the basket, and the basket liner! Bravo!

  3. people who want to save the world in beige lycra should realise that the people doing it in style make it so much more appealing!!! Rocking it girl. You and your bike – both look amazing!

  4. Awesome bike. I hope it is able to keep up with your adventures.

  5. Is it one of those lady travellers?

  6. What, no flowers on your handle bars?
    Fantastic colour…! adorable. Anyone will see you coming.

  7. Linda

    Wow, great outfit and bike! Sorry to read that recovery from the quakes is still ongoing, hope you and family are doing well. Love your removable tote idea!

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