Oh would you look at that! It seems I’m doing my best today to blend in with the 1960s paint job in my classroom. Styley.

This corduroy skirt has been a long time in the making. It’s sewn from a minty vintage piece printed with tiny navy flowers and I’ve been saving it forever. I spent the first week of the school holidays making muslins, trying to get my favourite skirt pattern to fit properly. My shape has changed over the last year and I couldn’t figure out where. Or why either but that’s another story. Darts in, darts out, sides in, sides out… On go-around #4 I got so frustrated I threw the whole thing out.

20130522-183444.jpgAnd then very sensibly dug out Sew What Skirts. A few measurements later and I had a muslin that fitted like a glove. What a twit. I should have done that a jolly week ago! I stitched the skirt together while watching the Great British Sewing Bee and marveled at my invisible zip. Every bit as good as the famous tv people’s.

Pretty nice invisible hem too. I originally had a minty green top on this morning but the whole chameleon effect would have just been too much so there’s a navy top and cardy, navy tights and dark brown boots. Yes, all the same as last week. Sigh. The bling is different though.

20130522-191851.jpg A gift from my brother and made from an old New Zealand stamp. Very cool.


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2 responses to “Wednesday

  1. love the skirt and the necklace. I love blue and green together,

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