What I Wore Wednesday.

Such a lovely, long weekend that I forgot today was Wednesday until I arrived at school and opened up my planbook! So this is a take-me-as-I come post. Which actually probably speaks volumes about the kinds of clothes I default to when I know it’s going to be a busy teaching day.


Navy blue cardi from the Sallies with my red Ashley House badge

Pink and grey striped Glassons tee from the Sallies

Dark red Spice jeans from Farmers.

My most favourite brown boots in the world, bought many years ago from Overland, so so comfy.

Brown leather bucket bag from the Sallies


I’m  a bit crazy about this bag. I found it yesterday and paid $4 for it. It’s roomy and squishy and has that wonderful old-leather smell. $4! And it matches my best ever favourite Overland boots.


Also roomy, squishy, a bit slouchy and worth every bit of the several hundred dollars I paid for them about 7 years ago. Brilliant for running from one sewing crisis to the next. And don’t tell the kids I climbed on a wheelie chair, totally illegal not to mention dangerous. But my photographer didn’t want to get down to ground level so what’s a girl to do?


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2 responses to “What I Wore Wednesday.

  1. love it you look effortlessly stylish and the new bag is a total score!

  2. I just love how the red/maroon and brown go together – grr got to find those brown boots soon. Well done on effortless! And thanks for sharing with WW xo

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