Back In Black.

Well yes, today was the day. We weren’t the only ones at our little local supermarket just after the doors opened. And look, a free jar! How crazy is that? I had to spend $50 to get it but please, there are 6 kids in my house. That barely covers our daily bread and milk!

I almost never wear black but today was so cold… On came a pair of warm leggings, a merino top and a patch tunic. Tall black boots and a black ski jacket to make sure all was toasty.

There are 2 weeks left in the current Tech rotation which is why I’m wearing the patch tunic. It’s made using this Lil Blue Boo pattern (it’s a PDF!) and 3 chopped-up tee shirts (thank you Ferrymead). Actually, I think this one used 5. It’s great for scraps too.

Some of my more capable year 8s have chosen to make these as part of an up cycling project which starts today. New life for your tired old tees, especially the kind with words or logos on them. Can’t wait to get chopping.


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3 responses to “Back In Black.

  1. I am constantly astounded at your craftiness – well done! Thanks for linking up with WW – Off to get my free marmite too!

  2. awesome – so funny I bet they run out too many crazy marmite lovers out there. A very cool promo. Love the t-shirt dress too

  3. You might have noticed my absense in that queue. My kids and hubby like that Aussie stuff!

    That is a great challenge for the kids. I bet they come up with some great variations.

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