It’s Not All Sweetness And Light.

Some days it’s all I can do not to laugh at the silly sausages in my class.

Conversation goes like this:

“There’s something wrong with my zip.”
“Yes I can see that.”
“Can you fix it?”
“You cut the end off!”
“Yeah but can you fix it?”
“I know but you can fix it right?”

Of course I can. I’m a sewing genie. By the time she arrived next morning, the zip was working perfectly. It’s kind-of a promise in my classroom – if the kids make a major blunder, then I’ll get them back to where they were before disaster struck. It’s what my mum used to do with me.

What she didn’t notice was that it was a brand new zip. Actually, it was a brand new bag. I’m not that much of a genie.

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One response to “It’s Not All Sweetness And Light.

  1. ha ha – having zip issues and slightly unobservant too!

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