A Knitter I Am Not.

Although my sewing has been fairly non-existent this year, I haven’t been completely idle. A chill in the air along with the approaching hockey season brings out an urge to knit. Over the summer I fell in love with Jane Brocket’s slouchy hats and the thought of all those cold winter evenings about to be spent at the turf kicks me into action. Out comes the Empress Woo knitting bag and there is a practise with two 20 cent balls of yarn from the Red Cross. After a bit of trial and error with different needles, slouchy hat #2 is declared a success.

Then it’s down to Hands for some lovely squishy silky alpaca yarn and a pair of bamboo needles. Since all my other needles come from op shops, I feel justified in that little extravagance.

The yarn is so delicious I drive back to Hands for another ball and start on my annual pair of hand warmers. I can’t even call them mittens – they’re just a rectangle sewn up the side with a hole left for my thumb. I feel clever when I manage a bit of a pattern on the hand warmers which mimics the slouchy hat.

Hockey trials start tonight and I only have one hand warmer finished. Luckily it’s still warmish here and I have deep pockets. Slouchy hat #3 is also taking its sweet time. A knitter I am not.


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4 responses to “A Knitter I Am Not.

  1. I have started knitting again after many years of not, and my project is not quite as successful as yours, requiring as much unpulling as knitting, grrr! I am glad yours is working out. It is quite therapeutic when things are going well.

    • There was a fair bit of ripping out to start with until I got the measurements right but I’m on a roll now. I like that its portable too. I’m the old lady at hockey, knitting in the dug out…

  2. Evil Gym Mom

    I hope those bamboo needles are Clover…. lol!

    • Oops. I don’t think they are. One has bent a bit already and the pointy tips hurt my fingers. I’m thinking it wasn’t a treat after all but just a pain in the … fingertips. Maybe it was a cheap brand? But they weren’t cheap.

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