Another Month.

At the beginning of each month I transfer anything I haven’t done from the previous month’s To Do list to the new month’s To Do list.

I realised, as I wrote my March list, that it’s identical to my February list which hasn’t changed since January.

Sigh. At least the kids are making stuff. Boxy Bag by Jesse in this season’s retro brights. Covetworthy.


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3 responses to “Another Month.

  1. My To Do list is the same, I’m tempted to write something like “do dishes” on it just so I have something crossed off at the end of the month.

  2. yeah I tend to write a crafty list for the year and get to the end of the year and realise I’ve made heaps and nothing off the list!! 🙂

  3. Ive given up on to do lists. They tend to depress me. Far better to celebrate achievements.

    Excellent bag and lovely colour choices.

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