Wardrobe Wednesday… For Miriam.

Today is Miriam’s last day hosting Wardrobe Wednesday so in honour of her, today I wore my favorite dress. I wasn’t going to – I had planned to throw on some pants and a tee shirt and bike to school – but Miriam loves dresses and she has some really beautiful ones so really, it’s the least I could do.


Andrew bought me the dress when we were in Golden Bay last month – we both fell in love with it in the window of a small store. The label is Hearts and Roses and it’s a 1950’s inspired heavy floral cotton. It fits like a dream. It twirls like you wouldn’t believe! It would be amazing with a sticky-out petticoat underneath.



Today I’m wearing it with a simple blue Glassons cardy, a wide blue belt, simple gold jewellery and a pair of stone-coloured flats. Photos by Henry taken in my classroom.

I’ve been thinking about dresses this week. I have a lot (30 of the little suckers) but I hardly wear any of them. It’s such a waste. Ten of my dresses are homemade and fifteen are thrifted. Five were bought new. I wear the home made ones the most, probably because they fit well and are made out of fabrics that I love. I don’t wear the thrifted dresses at all – isn’t that silly? I buy them for a few dollars each, they’re all vintage from various eras in great condition but I don’t have the courage to actually wear them. This year I’ve decided, inspired a little bit by Minxy Vintage, to finally alter, change,fix,improve these dresses and WEAR the jolly things!



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3 responses to “Wardrobe Wednesday… For Miriam.

  1. Julie

    Lovely dress – I always like to wear dresses and skirts in summer. So much cooler and makes a change from the jeans I tend to live in over winter.

  2. Pauline you look lovely! Glad to hear that Miriam has been an inspiration (perhaps she can lend you that petticot) and I really hope you will keep joining up on Wednesdays to show us a few more of your beautiful dresses!

  3. Sniff…. you’ve fort me all tearful. I LOVE the message on the whiteboard too. I feel so humbled that you would wear a dress for me. Thank you so much. Still looking forward to meeting you some time xxx

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