Wardrobe Wednesday

Today I’m at school, getting my classroom ready for the year about to begin. So, an easy-to-wear outfit suitable for running around in, rearranging furniture and cleaning windows. Sophie took some photos before I left home.

20130130-103023.jpg It’s obvious, isn’t it, that these are my favourite jeans. I wear them all the time! Simple red tee shirt, comfy red flats and a wrap top.

The apron top is made from a lovely light cotton voile I bought from Global Fabrics before it fell over. The pattern is vintage Butterick and so simple to sew.

I often wear this top wrapped over togs. Its best made from a light, floaty fabric and it’s an easy way of adding a bit of interest to an outfit. I might have to head home at lunch time to change the jeans for shorts though. The day is heating up here in Christchurch and the warmth is beginning to penetrate even my dark and shaded old brick classroom.


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4 responses to “Wardrobe Wednesday

  1. I like your apron top. Some of the ones I have seen have been a little shapeless but yours is very pretty.

  2. Where did you get your jeans from? They are really nice!

  3. Cute love the colour and shape

  4. I love the shape at the back of this little apron top. And I imagine it would look great with shorts too 🙂 Lovely

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