Summer Days

Trying to pack as much as possible into the last week of school holidays. James has spent a lot of time playing saxophones, bassoons and pianos but today was a little different. 20130120-235715.jpg

Today we drove for a few hours and then I left James in the middle of nowhere. A carefully laid plan to undertake his first solo tramp – to bring in a few supplies and walk to meet his Dad in the back of beyond.


Despite being well-prepared with maps and an emergency kit, extra food, a woolly hat and a PLB, I was on pins and needles til DOC radioed tonight to tell me he’d arrived safely. Without a hitch actually. So I needn’t have spent 4 hours worrying that the rivers were too high or that he’d take a wrong turn or that he’d fall down a crack and never be heard of again. And when DOC in Arthur’s Pass asked if there were any messages to pass on because Hope Kiwi Lodge was still transmitting, we sent through our love on the bush channel radio for the whole South Island to hear.


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2 responses to “Summer Days

  1. Deb

    Oh my gosh…I would have been on tenterhooks the whole time! It can be a hard move to give them their independence, when they are still kids! I struggle at times with that…you want them to be strong, independent individuals, but at times they are just kids doing kid things, even though they look like adults! Kudos to James…well done to him.

    • Geez it was awful, I tell you. I second-guessed myself the whole way home, stressing that I’d dropped him at the wrong place, that he’d walk in circles for hours. I kept seeing myself ridiculed on the network news as one of those negligent, woolly-minded parents who abandon their kids to the elements. I can’t tell you the relief when the phone rang at 4.45 🙂

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