Summer Days

While most of us have been taking it easy, Sophie hasn’t. She spends some of her days working at the same Berry Shop where Jono once did. The work is fun but the pay is peanuts and she’s liable to get her shifts cut if it rains. She often gets frustrated, after giving up a day with friends or family, to find she is not needed at all.

So she also has another job with a nationally recognized company where she wears a bright orange uniform and smiles at people all day. This job is also fun, she loves the people she works with and best of all, she earns more than her 17 year old brother who works for the same company. She also has an air-conditioned staffroom, her very own locker and proper, timetabled breaks. Instead of having her shifts cut, she is occasionally asked to cover for someone who needs time off. It’s a real job where she is made to feel useful, competent and a valuable part of the team

It also makes her very tired and she spends the rest of her holidays doing this:

20130121-084524.jpg But its all worth it because, with only 2 weeks of work, volleyball nationals in Palmerston North in March is already paid for. And how satisfying, to know that you’ve done it all yourself.


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2 responses to “Summer Days

  1. I saw Sophie there yesterday while buying my vege plants. Courteney has been doing much the same but at the Golden Arches and is saving for
    India later in the year. Callum at 14 is desperately wanting a real job but for now has his paper round and of course the school canteen.

    • Was Callum with you at Mitre 10? Sophie remembers serving you… Because she almost offered him a lollipop until she realised who it was and that he would probably be offended by a little kids treat! Eddie was teasing her the other day about the canteen, how the wages might be a bit beneath her now but she still plans to work for him this year.

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