Ranger Tim

It’s that time of the year again. We arrived home from Akaroa to find this written on the notice board in the kitchen:

And you know what that means, don’t you? A textile takeover! The sewing room appears to have exploded outwards into the rest of the house. The dining table is covered in sewing machines – who needs to eat? There are half-cut quilts on the living room floor – well go live in another room. The ironing board has taken up permanent residence in the kitchen – so wear your polyester shirts already. Oh and watch where you step. There are pins and needles out to get you.

I would add a photo but the chaos is just plain embarrassing.


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2 responses to “Ranger Tim

  1. I would laugh but my youngest just sat on one of my lounge chairs and promptly stabbed himself with my carelessly placed pin cushion. Suffice to say there were tears…ooops!

  2. Dawn-Rene

    We do the same thing when my husband travels for business! He is usually only gone for two or three days at a time but it happens pretty much every month. When my sons were little, pillow and blanket “forts” were established in the living room. They would build and rebuild and have a great time while I stitched away. A couple of times they even spent the night in their fort, they are teenagers now but remember those nights very clearly. I think everyone likes a break from the routine every once in awhile.

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