It’s always exciting when you’re out op-shopping and you find an old chocolate box. Even more exciting if it’s heavy because you know something special has been stored in there for a long time. Rattly chocolate boxes have buttons. This one didn’t rattle. Ribbons? Lace? I carefully eased the lid off.

Doilies! Mostly hand crocheted. So many pieces that when I shook them out, and tried refolding them, they wouldn’t fit back I’m the box.

20130104-144947.jpg Doilies exploding all over the carpet. I’m still thinking about what to do with them all. I was planning a table runner like this for Christmas but over a red cloth. Or there are some pretty cool ideas here. A colleague has the most amazing linen skirt embellished with doilies and cotton lace. Lots of possibilities. The reason why you should always check inside an old chocolate box.


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5 responses to “Treasure.

  1. what a fab find can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. I have passed on to you One Lovely Blog Award

  3. I have seen a few lovely doilies used as the backs of vests, or lacy tops lately! This certainly was a great find – can’t wait to see what you come up with. Off to have a peek around your blog…J

  4. What a treasure trove – i just love old chocolate boxes, even when they are empty.

  5. How wonderful! To the “searcher” go the spoils! Congratulations! I am in the process of trawling op shops myself, in search of my own cache of crocheted lace doilies! You have re-invigorated my search – thanks!

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