A Long-Term Project.

I have a little app on my phone which I had a lot of fun with last year. It’s called Project 365 and involves choosing a photo to remember your day by. Old hat really on the internet but I like having that little visual reminder in my pocket.



I’ll keep using it this year but I’ve also decided to make a more permanent record of my days. Last time I went op-shopping  I specifically looked for an old-school book that was a) fairly tattered and b) at least 365 pages long. I’ve collaged a bit of color onto the front cover and I intend to glue a real photos onto the pages – one for each day of the year.


I added a colourful quote along the spine – mainly because I wanted to cover up the title of the book. “The Cruel Sea” is not exactly inspirational! I like the way it’s looking and I can’t wait to get started.


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5 responses to “A Long-Term Project.

  1. That is an awesome idea! You could leave enough space for just one sentence or word.
    Or not…and let the picture speak a 1000 words. 🙂

  2. Lovely idea! Found you from the Wardrobe Wednesday blog hop, and am already finding your blog to be a fun one to follow!

  3. awesome what a cool idea – it would be so fun to do with kids too

  4. Deb

    Oh I started this last year too, but only got to March! I kept forgetting to take photos every day. Just started again yesterday…NY resolution and all that…but this time following http://fatmumslim.com.au/january-2013-photo-a-day-lets-do-this-thing/ to give me a bit more inspiration.

    I love your book idea. Fantastic.

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