Old Year, New Year.

I’m not really up for a review of the sewing I did in 2012, mainly because there wasn’t very much of it. I’d give myself a “Must try harder” if I was writing a report. Or a “Could do better”. I started a lot of things I didn’t finish.

But I did make something  that rounded the year off quite nicely. Sophie has been having a bit of a crush on shirring and she’s made some very sweet summery tops and dresses. I love shirring, its like magic the way the fabric puckers evenly into stretchiness and then shrinks up even tighter right before your eyes when you shoot it full of steam.


This pretty piece of flowy fabric was in the cupboard and I used it to make a maxi dress, a style I’ve never worn before. But the warm weather and the gentle breeze yesterday seemed to need a ‘swanning around’ dress so that’s exactly what I made.

Start as you mean to go on I say. It’s now Wednesday and I’m still wearing it!

Maxi dress made by me, a simple length of fabric from the stash with 12 rows of shirring around the top.

Beads from Savemart yonks ago.

Sunnies borrowed from Sophie.


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6 responses to “Old Year, New Year.

  1. looks awesome – I’d love you to join in with wardrobe weds tomorrow if you are keen :o)

  2. Lovely way to start the new year! Beautiful!

    Happy New Year

  3. Evil Gym Mom

    Just fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous dress, I’ve never tried shirring before but love the look. Is it hard?

  5. Such a fun post! I love the necklaces and the fact that you made this dress! I am not good with needle and thread, so I am very jealous!

  6. oooh I like it. I’ve always wanted to try shirring but have been worried it’s too hard to do!

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