Boxing Day

Today looked a lot like this:

There was a mad dash to the mall to check out the sales. Note to self: don’t do that again. I was almost squashed to death between 2 ladies who reached across me at the same time for a book in the craft aisle at Whitcoulls. They then tried to get me to adjudicate as to who had touched it first. I retreated to Starbucks and hid in the corner with a coffee until the kids rescued me.

Back at home I continued with the theme of hiding in the corner, this time with my cross stitch. One of my Christmas gifts was “The Gentle Art of Stitching” by Jane Brocket and she talks right at the start about gentle stitching being quietly enjoyable, unstressed and relaxing. Gentle stitching was just what I needed.

Rhapsody in Blue by Four Oaks Designs. Stitched on linen ( I think it’s a piece of yours, Deb) in Needlepoint silk. I hesitate to work out how long ago I started this piece – I know we were living on the farm so that’s at least 7 years ago. Gentle stitching is meant to be easily completed. Whoops.

It ticks every other box though and I pull it out during school holidays for a bit of a binge. I love the ease of stitching with one colour and I take pleasure in the meditative, repetitive nature of this design. It’s a lovely way to spend a cold, rainy day.


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2 responses to “Boxing Day

  1. Finally some sun in Auckland. Thinking of you all in Chch. Have a wonderful New Year and may 2013 bring some peace and contentment.

  2. Deb

    Oh weren’t the crowds hideous! We were at the Mt and just as bad there. I think we were there for all of about 10 minutes before we decided to get out of there and come back the next day!! Well seeing that fabric is a blast from the past! I haven’t stitched in about 7 years either!

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