Made It.

School is finally done. I’ve brought home my chocolate stash and my wine stash and my soap stash and Henry’s teacher seems happy with the addition to her coffee stash.

We made her a tote from one of the coolest coffee bean sacks and lined it with just about the last scrap of my coffee canvas fabric. The sacking is really difficult to sew, being so coarse and quite loosely woven but if you shoot it full of steam, you can sculpt it into quite stable shapes. The tote looked kinda sad with nothing in it so, despite knowing she would be inundated with festive food, we added some fancy coffee, some nice cookies and a mug full of chocolates.

And then there was the end-of-school tradition of a trip to the forest to choose our Christmas tree.

And finally, calling in at the pharmacy on the way home to buy antihistamines for those of us allergic to pine trees but who wouldn’t have Christmas any other way.

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