It’s become something of a tradition that I make my keenest little technologists a pincushion to take with them to high school. I’d already made them needle books from scraps of linen but I really struggled with the design for this year’s pincushion and I started and abandoned at least 4 ideas. A chance comment from one of the girls lead to a light bulb moment and a quick scrabble in the ribbon box.

None of my technologists were born in New Zealand and they’re all very proud of their countries of origin so everyone is getting a flag! This is the Union Jack I finished last night and currently on the go are two red Chinese pincushions with flowers in place of stars.

I’m really going to miss this bunch when they leave the nest next week.


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2 responses to “Pincushions

  1. That is very cool. It would make a lovely regular cushion as well.

  2. i love this idea what a gorgeous and inspiring thing to do for your students

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