Busy Bees.

It’s all on for Christmas in these last few weeks of school. Some of the girls are making small table toppers using log cabin blocks. The pretty flowery scraps were a gift from Jenny.


Maddy and Hannah found a Christmas tree made from stacked circles of felt in a current mag and are making lots these wee cuties for themselves, their friends and their teachers. The original pattern uses beads sewn on to look like baubles but Hannah has worked out how to add Christmas LEDs instead. This is one of their trees-in-progress.


Josh made his Dad a holiday apron and now he’s making some matching tea towels. He drew the Kombi van, which they spend the summer traveling around in, with his sewing machine.  For the 4 weeks they are on tour, his Dad is the chief cook and bottle washer.


Sophie defaulted to traditional Christmas colours and is stitching some strip patchwork coasters for gifts. She sewed the strips right onto the batting and, instead of binding, she used the fancy machine to decorate the edges.


And Linda, as creative as ever, is turning fluffy socks into cute little teddies. She has no younger siblings or cousins to give these to so the teddies are making their way to the local doctor’s surgery as Christmas gifts for tiny patients.


Every lunchtime my room is a hive of activity. It’s a joy-filled place to be.

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