Quilt Club

So school is out and yesterday was our final quilt club for the term. Joe got finished with his Work-A-Day quilt made from a mixture of chambray and flannel shirts. He was too shy to model it so Ryan stepped up to help. This quilt will hang in my classroom for a bit, then Joe will take it home for his older brother.

Here’s Malki showing off a team effort… Everyone helped by sewing a strip of patches and then I stitched them all together. This quilt is also going on the wall for a bit.
Yasmin is making a raw edge circle quilt using the tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew and this is what she has so far. Blue pillowcase backgrounds with lollipop bright circles. She comes in before school and makes one every morning.

It’s been a very companionable term at quilt club, the highlight of my week in many ways. Students drop in and out as they are able and the keen ones do lots of homework.

There was a little diversion at 1.15 when we had to rush outside and wave at the first of the Antarctic planes arriving in town. The ice season starts on Monday with flights taking staff down to Scott Base and McMurdo Station. Huge, cumbersome looking birds, these Globemasters. Incredible that they can really fly.

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  1. The students should be very proud of these. What a lovely thing to take home to display in their rooms or for cozying up watching tv or with a book.

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