Wardrobe Wednesday.

I don’t usually dress up for work because I end the day covered in fluff and threads and random scraps of fabric. Because I’m on my feet all day, clothing has got to be comfortable and footwear preferably flat. I try to wear something handmade because the kids always ask.

Jeans – From a swap with a friend

Shirt – Pastel checked, probably straight out of the 80s, from Ferrymead

Jacket Dorothy Perkins in perfect condition from Ferrymead.

Boots – SaveMart

Fabric Flower – Me made from silk tweed, a bit of lace and a vintage button.

A good outfit for running from one crisis to the next.


The flower was made using instructions in Fun-to-Wear Fabric Flowers. I love this book, lots of clear instructions to make any number of fabric flowers from quite structured to very loose and scrunchy. This one is Tweed on p.67 and I made it as a sample for a group of girls who wanted to sell fabric flowers as a business venture. We cut the number of petals from 15 to 8 as the first flower was as big as a hydrangea! I love the silk tweed with this charcoal jacket.


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2 responses to “Wardrobe Wednesday.

  1. Love the jacket and the colour combo, and your pretty brooch 🙂

  2. Love it and so glad you’ve decided to join us on WW. I also always like to have something home made or handmedown or op-shopped in my ensemble!

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