The Best of Days.

It helps that Wednesday is my favourite day of the week when I have 3 of the nicest classes ever. Big, hard-working, focused classes of 11 and 12 year olds concentrating their hearts out and singing along to the radio. We get so much done. They can even write their design briefs without any help from me.

And then Wednesday is also Quilt Club day and today we had a special guest. Deb from Works In Progress brought along a carful of her quilts and talked to us about them. And I do mean a carful – it took 6 people to carry them all to my classroom! I first came across Deb over 2 years ago when her picnic blanket pattern in World Sweet World inspired the first of our bandana quilts. She’s made some amazing quilts over the last couple of years and she photographed them all overhanging the red zone. She talked to us about the inspiration behind each one, how she chose the fabrics, how she decided to piece the patches together. I love that she showed us how quilts don’t have to made from the latest collection of expensive designer fabric but can be pieced from anything and all the better if those fabrics have special meaning… like your husband’s old shirts.

My kids were overawed, almost reverent, as they carefully spread the quilts out and fondled their well-washed silkiness. Everyone had their favorite and Deb has left us 5 of them as inspiration.

Quilt Club is for Year 8s but some Year 7s gave me such puppy-dog eyes that I gave in and said ok, lets have a planning session next week. Next week, they shrieked. How about tomorrow?

We gave Deb a bag full of sunshine fabrics as a thank you but then she totally blew us away by gifting us some amazing quilt books which she no longer needs. You should have seen the little eyes light up! The books are going into the school library tomorrow so everyone can have a fair crack at them. And then there was chitter chatter for the rest of the afternoon as students who were there filled in the ones who weren’t and everyone started to plan their first patchwork quilt.

And I quietly sat at my desk, thankful for the generosity of a fellow blogger, listening as the conversations swirled around me, all focused on sewing, all inspired to create something amazing. Wednesday, Quilt Club day, the best of days.

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