In a few weeks, James is heading to Melbourne. His school orchestra will be students of the MSO, attending workshops and rehearsals, giving concerts and generally soaking up the knowledge and expertise of the professionals. This picture is not the school orchestra – it’s the school concert band – but James is in the back left playing his bassoon. The orchestra has less brass players and much more formal uniforms. They play Serious Music.

Music is pretty much a mystery to me but James is comfortable with his muso persona. He enjoys the company of his classmates, practises harder than I ever did (which is probably why music is still a mystery to me!) and understands scores that look like spiders crawled all over them.

While in Melbourne he also gets a bit of free time to do some touristy things including a river cruise, a visit to Philip Island, something NRLish and plenty of markety shopping. Oh and I think I saw Luna Park in the itinerary too.

Colour me jealous. Now I wish I’d practised harder.

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  1. Lucky James, that beats tournament hands down! My kids all play music as well but unfortunately as yet none have the confidence or conviction to do so in front of an audience. Theirs is more for entertaining the neighbors.

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