I’ve had a bit of a revelation. By complete chance, when I found myself on an unfamiliar road on the other side of town, I realised I was headed towards a specialist vintage kind-of shop that’s always getting great write-ups in the paper. One that I’d always wanted to visit. So I seized the chance and called in.

Yes, they had a shelf of vintage fabric for sale in all kinds of textures and colours. In skirt lengths and dress lengths. Matching buttons in jars nearby. Buckles and belts and trims. But I realised with a start that my shelf of vintage fabric at home was prettier. And my buttons just as matching. And my lace actual family heirlooms.


Yes, there were some lovely vintage dresses hanging up. In a variety of beautiful fabrics and from many different eras. I tried a couple on but they didn’t quite fit. I realised with a laugh that I have every style of vintage dress pattern in my sewing nook at home. And they’re all in my size.


I just need to trust myself. Stop saving the fabric for something special because every day is special. Stop waiting for a reason to make up one of my old patterns because every day I have the opportunity to be a bit original. In pretty dresses that fit.

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  1. Evil Gym Mom

    And it’s holidays soon…. can’t wait to see what you produce!

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