When In Doubt, Sew Another Quilt.

I can finally draw breath. It’s been a hectic wee while. School has thrown one thing after another after another at me. New Kapa Haka uniforms, a set of sports tops, cafe aprons for a class restaurant, House banners for the school hall… and even some teaching in there somewhere. There were kids in my room almost every lunchtime making stuffs. Look at the business quilt Gavin finished for his Dad for Father’s Day:

20120906-152615.jpgI kept myself sane by sewing. You might think I’d be sick of it but, come home time, I’d snatch every minute I could to make happy things for myself. I was shocked when I worked out that I had pieced 6 quilt tops in August. SIX. It began with a simple square arrangement in vintage prints:

The colours made me so happy I sewed 2 more with matching patchy bindings, then a shirt quilt, a quilt from flannel patches and finally a table-topper from every yellow pillowcase I could find which then accidentally turned into… another quilt top.

I’m going to bind this one in pink gingham and wrap myself in it, lie on the deck and pretend it’s summer. It’s certainly getting warm enough. We even ate dinner outside the other night. Three weeks till spring break 🙂


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2 responses to “When In Doubt, Sew Another Quilt.

  1. Well done Gavin on the quilt. I envy anyone that can do that. I was set the Kapa .Haka uniform challenge by a male teacher a couple of years ago. Boys were easy. Thirty girls not so much especially when he had grand designs and sizing ranged from size two to twenty….I kid you not! We got there in the end but boy was it a mammoth effort!

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