One of my students brought me Daphne this morning. How did she know? It’s one of my favourite fragrances.


Wise old cushions. Entirely made with no help from me. Love those independent days.


The more I give away, the more comes flooding back. A huge bag of vintage patterns all in my size. Can’t wait for summer.


A small quilt from Sweet and Simple Patchwork Gifts. Not my colours at all but I’m inspired to make this, just as it is. I love the book so much I’m going to buy it.


It’s been a hectic four weeks of touristy traveling with one of our home stay students, cramming as much of the South Island as possible into the weekends. From the slopes of Mt Hutt. We needed all the artificial wings we could get!


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  1. Oh those patterns look exciting and I LOVE the smell of Daphne too

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