Lifelong Learners.

One of our lovely young teachers at school crochets the cutest little monsters. The kids begged to know how so she set up a lunchtime crochet club. It’s on a Friday so as not to clash with Quilt Club. Anyone welcome.


I knew she was having success when an irate teacher accused me of encouraging irresponsible behaviour during maths time. He had discovered Taylor, fractions abandoned, crocheting under her desk. Much as I wished it was my fault, I had to shift blame because crochet is something I’ve never been able to do.


“But it’s easy,” said Taylor. “I could show you how.” So I joined the Friday Crochet Club and teacher became student as Taylor patiently looped the thread around my fingers and checked my tension. We spent a happy hour making chains. The next week, when she was satisfied with my stitches, she guided me through single crochet and then double. I even worked out the turning chain by myself.


It doesn’t look like much and I’m still a long way from cute little monsters but my pile of successful stitches is growing. My teacher quite enjoys critiquing my progress. And I hope I’ve shown her that the life-long-learning we spout on about at school doesn’t just apply to students.

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  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Too cool…. we have several books of crochet monsters etc and have often thought of your students when I see them on the shelf 🙂

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