This And That.

New Look 6948 The girls at school made a lot of these two years ago – they used up a shelf of tee shirt fabric from my cupboard. I made one too, in my usual size, and was mad to find it too tight. I rediscovered the pattern last week and decided to have another go in a) a larger size and b) a much stretchier piece of fabric. It’s a very swingy silky knit I found at Savemart and thankfully there were no dramas when I sewed it. I added 15cm to the length and cut the back out on the fold. A nice new tunic for school. In very parochial colors too.

Something cute I couldn’t resist. The idea came from a webpage with 50 ideas for using up scraps. I had this particular scrap of embroidered cloth leftover from a bag project, just enough for two hexagons and the red wool was an undamaged corner of a holey blanket. Quick and easy. Perfect to hang off that button I hardly use on the sewing machine.


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