I Think I May Have Answered My Own Question.

Last night I finished sewing the last of my vintage chintz hexagons into place. I found them, backed with paper and ready to stitch, in an op shop 4 years ago. Such a lot of work had gone into preparing the patches; I always wondered why they were abandoned. There weren’t enough for any sort of ordered design so eventually I just started sewing them together.


The question though was what to do with them next. I could make them into some sort of lap quilt with bands of plain colour above and below the patchwork bit. Or some sort of long cushion or bolster. Or maybe just back them with wool and call it a table runner. I put them on our old steamer trunk to take a photo.


Where they fitted quite exactly and looked right at home. My MIL gave me the trunk after a summer of helping her sort her sewing rooms. It has her family name on it.


Kind of perfect really.



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2 responses to “I Think I May Have Answered My Own Question.

  1. What a perfect ending to the hexagon story! That is an awesome steamer case. I love those. That’s not Nana Henderson of the Amazing Pikelets is it? That recipe has recently gone into our school fundraiser cookbook- it’s a cracker.

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