Three Scarves



A beautiful piece of Viyella I found a few weeks back. There was not enough for a shirt of any sort so I simply hemmed the edges and now I wear it as a big floppy loose scarf.



Another woolly piece of fabric, very soft and fine. I used this tutorial from Dana, overlocked the two long edges and sewed shirring elastic down the centre. So easy. So ruffly!



Trying out the Ruffled Flowers from Fabricate. That’s them starring on the cover. I had a bag of felted sweater scraps at school and these little flowers turn out to be as easy as pie. If you’re keen to give them a try, the author makes them here on YouTube. I was thinking of adding them to my plain black scarf to pretty it up but now I want to cover a whole big cushion with them. Maybe I’ll save a couple to pin to my coat but these flowers deserve a much larger garden to bloom in!

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