Little Bits

A few little things from today.

It’s the school holidays. That’s 17 days to relax a bit, plan new topics and sew up some new samples. I have some ideas for new wall displays that I can’t wait to start playing with. A little quilting group to set up. New fabrics to find a place for.

A nightshirt pattern. Not sure why I’m so keen to take a giant step back to Year 10 but I have a craving for flannel cosiness. Didn’t check the packet before I shelled out 20 cents. Laughed when I got home because there is no instruction sheet. But I think I can fudge it.

Some pretty fabrics for peanuts including enough of the blue voile for summery top, a furnishing piece to make cushions from and an unusual but striking crepe for a scarf.


A stack of new release library books including Fabricate, With Fabric and Thread and Jax Cooks. I love that our city library is open to suggestions about good books to get and that I can reserve them online for $2.

Moments of contemplation. I’ve been to the installation of 185 empty chairs before but I took the kids today. It’s a powerful reminder of what some people have lost. The little chairs are especially sad.


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