I’m Glad I Changed My Mind.

We’ve been making softies from this book because they’re simple, mostly 2-dimensional and cute. When Charlotte asked if she could make the dinosaur, I groaned on the inside because it’s the hardest softie in the whole book. It has a gusset. No I said to Charlotte, it’s a year 11 project.


But she ground me down, promised to do it all herself, not bother me with questions, work quietly in the lunch hour so I gave in. I had heart palpitations when she started cutting the dinosaur out in a denim with no stretch and a final nervous breakdown when the dotted pink gusset didn’t quite fit.

But Charlotte calmly carried on, ignoring my hysterics and even offering a chuppa chup to stifle the ranting.


And this afternoon, in the gap between morning and afternoon classes, Charlotte serenely ladder-stitched the last gap closed and presented me with Alice, Queen of the Disco Dinosaurs.


Reminding me again of one of the reasons I love teaching 12 year olds. They think they can do anything. And they usually can.

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