Dressing To The Conditions.

More icy weather is on the way and a few people are in need of reinforcements. This set was made from a thick fairisle jersey and lined with black fleece. The jersey had a nice deep rib around the bottom which made perfect long cuffs. I just traced around James’ hand to get the right kind of size and shape for the mittens. They’re in the required school colours of green and black. Sort of.


Henry’s set was made from a bottle green jersey and navy fleece. I sewed the mittens using this tutorial from Five Green Acres. Simple as long as you go slowly and use a walking foot. I added a cuff of navy fleece so the wind can’t whistle underneath.


They also make pretty good puppets. I found Henry in bed last night with his mittens on, right hand having a fairly animated conversation with his left.


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2 responses to “Dressing To The Conditions.

  1. What a great idea. I am so going to do this. It could be a great winter holiday project for next week…..now which child is going to help me!

    • Floss

      We had a lot of fun looking for the fair isle jerseys too. Your big girl would be able to make these by herself 🙂

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