… And Around It Goes.

A couple of years ago I wrote about things that go around after I let my students loose in my fabric stash.

It’s happened again. For the last month, one of the Year 8 classes at school has been working on a Business Studies unit. Many of them chose fabric items to make and sell and again I let them loose in my cupboards. Not just that but also spent hours before school and in lunchtimes supervising and suggesting. Then last week, a family friend gave me the contents of her mother’s sewing room.


There are so many beautiful scraps of patchwork fabric that I’m setting up a quilting group next term.

But funniest of all was this fabric. Can you spot it?


The exact blue-green seersucker that we were gifted 2 years ago returns to line another bag! I laughed and laughed.


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3 responses to “… And Around It Goes.

  1. Man, what an awesome collection. I wish I was 12 again, so I could join your quilting group.

  2. Wow that looks very exciting! I’d like to join in too!

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