Not all sewing is exciting I guess but two things I’ve made this week have changed lives. It’s true!

Henry said on Monday when it was bitterly cold I wish I could wear my pyjamas to school. Then he said can I wear my pyjamas under my trousers? I said no but he got me thinking and on Monday night I sewed 2 pairs of regulation green school trousers…. with a flannelette lining! So warm, so cosy, so easy. I made trousers like that all the time when the kids were little. He’s been in heaven all week.


And I’ve been wrecking my fingers sewing hexagons – I have thimbles but I’ve never found them comfortable. So, after stumbling across something on a blog, I made a leather thimble. Soft, pliable, flexible leather – genius.


It was a revelation. Mine is not like the website one because I didn’t quite get the some of the instructions but it works. After a few minutes, I forgot I was even wearing it. I could have stitched hexagons all night but the bazillion reports beckoned.


When I finish the reports tomorrow, it will be a pyjama-wearing, hexie-sewing weekend.

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