The Week That Was.

It’s been a stressful few weeks in teaching, as I’m sure those of you in New Zild have noticed. It was very hard not to get all arm-wavey and militant but I restrained myself and just waited, all the while trying to imagine what I would do without the title of Teacher to define me. And anyway, friends, family, parents and students got all arm-wavey and militant for me – hugs to everyone who forwarded to me letters they’d sent to MPs and government boffins – every small action reassured me no end. Even made me smile.

It’s hard to measure what I do – tests are important but they’re not the whole of education – so I might just let a few pictures speak for themselves.




I love my job and I’m glad it’s still mine. To steal a line from Joe Bennett, I go home each evening heart-whole, especially after a day when stuff sings home like a well-fired arrow. The cynic in me wonders what the government’s real agenda is and what surprise they might sneak in the back door while we’re celebrating.

For now, though, we’ll try to believe it was a win for the little people.


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5 responses to “The Week That Was.

  1. EvilGymMom

    Sitting right next to you in Cynics’ Corner, chick.

  2. Anotheroneopens

    Obviously I don’t know the details but wonder if my next sentence is way off the mark. It is always about saving money-education is an easy target -dressed up as raising standards?

  3. Anotheroneopens

    In the words of my 93 year old Scottish mother, ‘ You couldn’t make it up’.

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