And What I Did.

What I should have done was the bazillion reports that are due next week.


Instead, I dug out a bag of hexagons that I found a few years back in an op shop and spent an hour arranging and rearranging them into pleasing patterns.


The calendar pages are from 1978, the fabrics beautifully vibrant polished cottons. I added some solids of my own and some quilting fabrics and a little bit of green silk, messed the hexagons up completely and starting sewing one to the next, in no particular order.

It was fun.


Filed under Sewing, Thrifting

2 responses to “And What I Did.

  1. That sure beats writing a bazillion reports. How cool would it be if that person who was making those hexagons 34 years ago knew you were sewing them together?

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