Of course the powers that be wait until we’re actually at school before they cancel school.

But still, it’s nice to have a snow day.


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6 responses to “Today

  1. EvilGymMom

    I heard rumours of at least a foot of snow in CHC…. were there snowmen made?

    • Funny, but there weren’t. Jono even commented on the fact that we were so un-excited by it all. We decided that because it snowed last year, it’s not such a novelty as it usually is. Not even one snowball thrown!

      • Evil Gym Mom

        Guess what? It looks like we might (and it’s only might at this stage) need to come south for an RG comp… any room at the Blondini Inn first weekend in August? It’s Sth Is Champs at Lincoln Events Centre, so would just be Jess competing.

      • You bet! And the events centre is nice, fairly new. Only about 20 mins from here.

  2. Anotheroneopens

    Wow! Welcome back- you have been missed. Winter in NZ looks a bit like summer in the UK!

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