Apples for the teacher. The girls have turned into urban foragers and regularly come home from their surfing trips with a bag of freshly-picked fruit. This week it’s been apples, apricots, plums and grapefruit. They are watching some blackberries ripen and have a walnut tree lined up for autumn harvest. These little apples, like the ones that grew outside my grandmother’s kitchen, have been turned into apple sauce.


The first day of school began with an unexpected present for each teacher. Our tech equipment is out of the ark so my brand new MacBook was a lovely surprise. Now I just need a 10 year old to show me how to use it! Then it was talk talk talk until my brain nearly exploded. At 3.01 we escaped to the beach.


But no one had any energy left after the talk talk talk day of school so the soccer balls, surf boards and swim stuff stayed in the truck.


Only the blankets made it to the beach and within two minutes, everyone was asleep.

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