The Business Of Quilting

There has already been squabbling over who will own this quilt, even though it’s going on my classroom wall. But you will have to bring it home eventually, won’t you Mummy?

So it’s a thrift quilt, made from 7 men’s business shirts. The original inspiration came from here. I love the bits of colour in Monica’s and thought about adding scraps of bandana fabric to mine but maybe next time. Basic is better for Year 8s. I laddered together scraps of Dacron for the middle and used a blue-checked cotton sheet for the back.


There are 36 squares sewn together in a fairly random pattern. Some squares include the lovely flat-felled sleeve seams and some the breast pockets. I only used the sleeves and the fronts of the shirts so there are still lots of large shirt backs for other projects.


I quilted either side of the seam lines and then made a binding from the darkest blue shirt. The binding was hand-stitched down simply because I love hand-stitching. It took 2 games of tennis.


This is probably the best photo of the lovely blue colours. It was a bit windy here today and the quilt flapped madly on the washing line. I’m hoping the boys will like it too and this is just the beginning of the Business of Quilting.


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3 responses to “The Business Of Quilting

  1. Oh cool, what a great use for those shirts. The fathers of the kids in your sewing classes may have to lock up their wardrobes.

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