Henry’s Quilt

Henry had a bit of time to kill and there was entirely too much tv watching so I said “How about we sew?”

A very simple 6×6 in squares cut from Grandma’s flannel fabrics. He practised straight stitching and following the 1cm line before joining the squares. It took 5 mornings to sew the top together and then we went on an expedition to choose the backing fabric.

It was the funniest visit to a fabric store ever. I thought yellow would be perfect but Henry wanted lime green. It’s my favourite colour said Henry. You don’t even have green in the top I said. Ok then fluro orange said Henry. But look how nice the duck-egg blue is I said. Blech said Henry. Then an old lady got in on the act and tried to sell the yellow again while a shop assistant extolled the virtues of a really boring grey. We both rolled our eyes at that one. Argh said Henry throwing his hands in the air. I just want to express myself!

So shamefacedly I bought the lime green. If one of my students had asked for lime green, I wouldn’t have even hesitated. Turns out the lime green was perfect. I should have trusted the boy in charge.


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4 responses to “Henry’s Quilt

  1. Evil Gym Mom

    Like I said on one of my recent posts: lime green never fails (or words to that effect, lol).
    Tink says hi Wozza!!

  2. Wow, he did a fabulous job.

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