I’m on a mission to de-feminise my classroom. My college advisor told me last year it was too girly and since half my clients are not girls, I thought perhaps I should make them feel a bit more welcome! I took down a lot of my displays and I’m starting again. I saw a great idea in one of the advertising rags that comes with the paper and thought it would be easy to adapt for school. We make barbecue aprons but these are just one step cooler.

The words were printed out with letters in different fonts, cut out of fancy boy-coloured scraps and steam-a-seamed to the apron fabric.

Bandanas are one of our favourite things to recycle and I love their contrast with the denim. My only resident non- female even consented to trying the apron out as he made brownies.

He set fire to a tea towel but the apron survived and the brownies were great.


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2 responses to “Aprons

  1. Anotheroneopens

    Excellent- it is difficult to find projects boys will really use. This should interest them but I take it the words on the front will be monitored!

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