Time for School.

Even though it’s not really, today is the last day of my holidays. Tomorrow I’m heading back to my classroom to prepare for the new school year. The first job will be tidying my store cupboard. I should do this anyway but the job became a necessity on the day before Christmas when an earthquake threw all my shelves onto the floor. I checked the mess on Boxing Day and then quietly closed the door. Earthquakes ensured my storeroom got a regular tidy up last year. Start as you mean to go on I guess!

I did spend a good chunk of my holiday time op-shopping. Op shops are harder to find in Christchurch these days – so many have fallen over, been relocated or simply disappeared. My friend Ann was staying for a few days so we bribed the older kids to watch the younger ones and we spent a mad morning fossicking. I bought lots of men’s business shirts, now washed and pressed and ready to go. I have a plan for some Year 8 craftiness.

Ann spotted a St Vinnies in an obscure strip of shops so we zipped into a park and went to investigate. The shop was closing down and selling 5 things for $1. I walked out laden down with pure woollen suits in heathery colours, warm winter jersies and thick padded jackets and I felt like a thief. $2 for so much goodness. Normally I’d buy those jersies for felting but they were all in tip top condition. I wore one camping.

So back to real life. It was golden summer.


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2 responses to “Time for School.

  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with those shirts. I like to leaf through the shirts on the rack at the junk shops and admire the pinstripes and checks but I have never been able to think of a project to use them, so I leave them there.

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