Evolution Of An Ornament.

I’m on the look out all year for interesting ideas for the Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap. I was quite taken with this sweet globe from ‘100 Pretty Little Projects’ but the finished ornament was huge, much too large to post in an envelope. I played around with the whole patchwork idea for a few weeks, made the strips narrower, tried large ones but used less, changed the angle of the patches, used different kinds of fabrics, until I was happy with the colours and the width.

Another whole week was spent trying to work out how to turn the ornament through smoothly so that it kept it’s lovely curvy shape. Thank goodness for sensible 12 year olds who pointed out the obvious answer staring me in the face. I tried lots of colour combinations but these were the three that made the final cut. Some were made with my absolute last scraps of very favourite fabrics.

The Chistmas globes are a mixture of quilting and vintage cottons with a matching top and curvy tip. The back is quite plain, made in two pieces to solve the turning-through problem and there’s a piece of Christmassy ribbon for hanging on the tree. I made quite a few extra patchwork squares so I can sew up some globes of my own. One more week of school and the sewing room is mine.

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