Coast To Coast.

The weather has been a bit rubbish in Christchurch. When we woke up on Wednesday, it was pouring with rain and the weather map looked like this:

So we decided that instead of staying underneath all those dark and dismal clouds, we would choose one of the little rays of sunshine and head for that. It seemed like a great idea until halfway to a sunshine spot we encountered this:

Now if you check back to the weather map, there is 100% no snow on it anywhere! But there we were, at Arthur’s Pass, snow flurrying madly and wondering if we should stop and build a snowman. Hey, anything was better than the dark and dismal clouds over Christchurch. But Andrew said Have Faith so on we drove. To this:

To sunshiney warm blue skied sandy beach perfection. Whitebait fritters for lunch with fresh cold summer ale. The most spectacular high tide display at Punakaiki Rocks that I have ever seen.

Breath-taking views up and down the coast. Crashing waves and rainbows. Fresh green native bush and a melody of unseen bellbirds. A long slow drive home through a spectacular sunset with dinner at one of the historic pubs along the way. To find that the rain had stopped in Christchuch and to congratulate Dad on one of the best decisions of the holidays.


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2 responses to “Coast To Coast.

  1. Anotheroneopens

    How lucky are you to be able to do this on a day trip! We had to fly thousands of miles before we did this. I’m glad you are back- I love your blog about New Zealand.

  2. canary

    Trust Dad. (famous last words in our house–glad it worked out sooo well!!!)

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